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  1. Pico-ITX mainboard with Rockchip RK3128 Quad-core Cortex-A7
    Pico-ITX mainboard with Rockchip RK3128 Quad-core Cortex-A7
    • SKU : LP-150
    • Processor Type : ARM
    • Max memory : 512MB
    €191.18 €158.00
  2. The Commell LP-178C Pico-ITX-moederbord offers high-end media and graphic capabilities for Digital Signage. Contact
    LP-178C: MB Intel Celeron 4305UE, HDMI,DP up to 16GB DDR4
    • SKU : LP-178C
    • Processor Type : Celeron
    • Max memory : 16GB
    €338.80 €280.00
  3. The Commell LP-1787 Pico-ITX-motherboard offers high-end processing and graphics capabilities for e.g. Machine Vision. Contact
    LP-1787:Pico-ITX MB Intel i7-8665UE, HDMI,DP up to 16GB DDR
    • SKU : LP-1787
    • Processor Type : Intel Core
    • Max memory : 16GB
    €919.60 €760.00
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The modular answer to standard industrial PCs

Are you looking for a powerful industrial embedded PC solution where a box PC simply does not fit your needs? Or are you looking for an industrial PC to perform single tasks? Or are you looking for a rack-mount 19 ”industrial PC with limited dimensions? Modular edge devices such as a Single Board Computer (SBC) or a System Host Board (SHB) can then offer a solution.

With these modular solutions we are able to translate these challenges into a fully customized industrial computer with an adapted 19 "chassis.

For example, we can build an IPC based on a 3.5 ”or a Mini ITX SBC instead of a baseboard and SoC. These SBCs have many I / O possibilities, such a configuration can also be expanded with mPCIe with various I / O, Wi-Fi or 4G / LTE. The housing can also be delivered fully customized and in its own colors.

h2> Low-power industrial PCsIf you are looking for a low-power IPC solution for your project, our SBCs based on an ARM processor or Intel® Celeron processor offer a solution.

Industrial Slot CPU card solutions

Industrial 19 ”chassis systems with a passive backplane often use Slot CPU Single Board Computers. PICMG is the standard on the area of Slot Single Board Computers. You will find various low-power PICMG 1.3 SBC solutions on our webshop. AbiGo4U has half-size and full-size industrial PICMG 1.3 solutions. Our Single Board Computers can be used in our own Infinicore IPC line, for example. These SBCs can also be placed in a 19 "Heitec system enclosure.

AbiGo4U offers a wide range of industrial embedded Single Board Computer and industrial System Host Board, ranging from very compact pico ITX to full size PICMG 1.3 industrial modular edge systems.

Create your own industrial embedded PC

Depending on the form factor and application, these Single Board Computers can be placed in industrial PCs, rack-mounted PCs or a modified Heitec system enclosure. In some of these enclosures, multiple mini ITX single board computers can be integrated with an energy-efficient ARM or Intel® Celeron processor. In this way, these SBCs can perform a specific task individually in one system, while the industrial embedded 19 "system is still very energy efficient.

Extensively tested

On our AbiGo4U webshop you will find a wide range of industrial embedded Single Board Computers from the brands AAEON, Commell and Jetway. All these industrial modular edge devices have been extensively tested by our technicians in our ESD free work space.

Your own industrial embedded image

AbiGo4U has concluded a CLA agreement with Microsoft to develop customer-specific Windows 10 IoT LTSB. This allows us to develop a fully adapted image for your application. In this way we develop a closed system that can perform specific tasks.

In addition to our expertise in the field of Microsoft industrial embedded software, our technicians also have extensive knowledge and experience with Linux industrial IoT distributions. These Linux IIoT distributions offer you, as a user, various industrial embedded possibilities, with the Yocto Project a complete custom OS can be developed, so that various IoT devices can be controlled simultaneously from your industrial embedded PC.

Product advice

A product choice is often made on the basis of trust. That trust comes from good experiences, proven expertise and professionalism. Our team consists of specialists with years of experience and have the required product knowledge to assemble an industrial PC according to the needs, environment and situation. We are happy to talk to you about your product requirements.

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