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The purpose of IoT Gateways

Iot Gateways are industrial 3G / 4G routers and are used for M2M applications and as a primary or secondary internet connection for industrial and / or business applications.

Industrial application

A Gateway is an industrial router that takes care of the translation and connection of two incompatible networks. In an industrial environment, a Gateway can be used to connect an industrial network to the internet. These industrial gateways therefore connect machines with each other and / or with users themselves. Gateways can often be monitored and managed remotely via a Cloud platform.

Gateways for business use

Certain Gateway routers also have a WAN port for a wired internet connection. In the event that this wired connection should be lost, the router will automatically switch to a 3G or 4G connection. With this failover option a secondary internet connection can be realized. This way you are guaranteed a 24/7 connection to the internet.

A wide range

AbiGo4U offers a wide range of IoT Gateways aimed at indoor and outdoor industrial environments. Ranging from solutions for a central station to solutions for moving vehicles, these IIoT products are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Suitable for IoT & IIoT applications

Advanced and compact, Gateway systems are edge devices that provide fast and flexible communication for various IIoT applications through BT, Wi-Fi or 3G. Gateways are ideal for receiving, collecting and sending data. The industrial Gateways are used for Smart City deployment, transport and energy measurements. Our compact industrial Gateways offer a good solution for locations with limited space. Such gateways have various I / O and can for example be used for automation, security or for digital signage purposes.

ARM-based Gateways for IIoT purposes

Our ARM-based Box PCs fall under the category of industrial IoT gateways. These Gateways often have a pre-installed Linux IoT distribution called Debian. SoM systems used for this kind of industrial IoT purposes generally have a power input range of 5 VDC. IIoT Gateways offer users a wide power range of 8 to 25 VDC, suitable for the most demanding industrial environments.

Due to the various I / O possibilities, a large range of industrial sensors can be connected to these industrial IoT Gateways. Via the available mini PCIe slot and USIM holder, these Gateways are also able to send acquired data and system status information via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.

4G / LTE routers

Our 4G / LTE Cat 4 routers can be used for many industrial M2M / Iot applications. These industrial IoT routers have various Ethernet ports and wireless interfaces with Hotspot functionality.

Industrial VPN router

Our ethernet to ethernet VPN routers have 4 Ethernet ports, than can achieve speeds of 1000 Mbps.

The external antenna connectors make it possible to improve the 4G / LTE or Wi-Fi signal with the supplied antennas.

4G / LTE routers with failover

Several of our 4G / LTE are both even equipped with a dual SIM module, which means that users are always assured of a local internet connection. Insert 2 4G SIM cards in this 4G / LTE router and you will have a guaranteed working internet connection at every location. In the event that one of the two SIM cards fails, the other 4G SIM card automatically takes over the connection. In this manner, users always have a local internet connection.

Suitable for mobile applications

Are you looking for a mobile 4G / LTE solution? AbiGo4U also offers 4G / LTE routers with various I / O, GNSS and RS232 / RS485, making this Gateway type also extremely suitable for mobile industrial applications. This industrial router realizes a high-performance, mission-critical wireless connection with GPS capabilities.

Your specialist in IIoT Gateways

AbiGo4U has a wide range of 4G / LTE Gateways that can be used for every type of organization and in every imaginable scenario. Our specialists are happy to advise you on the possibilities so that you can make the right IIoT network decision. All our products have been extensively tested in our ESD-resistant production area. We can also provide your equipment with the required settings and a customer-specific image, in this way your Gateways can be directly deployed on location without any problems.

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