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Where does PoE stand for?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) as a technology uses RJ-45 copper ports to run wired internet connections of up to 100 meters over single twisted pair Ethernet cables. Via a PoE connection, equipment is supplied with power and various devices can be connected to the internet at the same time.

How does an industrial PoE switch work?

First it is good to understand the basic idea of ​​an industrial PoE switch. These switches not only extend your network ports, but also ensure that sent data packets are automatically delivered to the right place. This is a necessary task, because these data packets are only sent to one specific location within your network which causes a less of a burden on the network. This leaves more bandwidth for other industrial applications.

Unmanaged industrial PoE Switches

An unmanaged industrial PoE switch operates as a basic device. Once the switch is supplied with power and the corresponding Ethernet cables are connected to the device, the switch is ready for use.

It does not offer the user certain network functions such as Virtual Lan (VLAN) or Quality of Service (QoS). With an unmanaged industrial switch you only can expand the number of network ports within your network. Some unmanaged switches are capable of QoS, but the priority is given to the offering of physical Ethernet ports.

All our unmanaged industrial switches are therefore designed as plug-and-play devices and have been extensively tested by our suppliers on various industrial environmental factors, these industrial unmanaged switches therefore also meet all industrial EMI / EMC standards.

Managed industrial PoE Switches

Industrial managed switches, on the other hand, offer more network options. With these industrial switches you can, for example, determine the speed of the PoE ports. You can also protect certain ports and assign a specific name to them. Network functions such as VLAN and QoS can also be set and configured by the user. In short, industrial managed PoE switch can be fully managed and configured by using a Command Line Interface (CLI) to the user’s requirements.

Our central managed switches offer many configuration options including a Pro-Ring system,through which a high-quality redundant network can be realized. These modular high density switches have fiber aggregation points for a flexible network configuration.

Industrial SNMP managed switches

Managed switches that must operate in Industrial networks often also have to meet certain network criteria, such as IPv6, DDM, SSH / SSL, ACL, IGMP v3 and DHCP. Our industrial SNMP managed switches comply to these network criteria. In addition, these industrial switches support ITU G.8032 or Pro-Ring for a high-quality redundant industrial network. All these industrial managed SNMP switches have been tested for shocks, vibrations and EMC.

Industrial indoor PoE switches

Our industrial indoor PoE switches can provide industrial environments with the required power supply and internet connection. These industrial switches comply with the IEEE 802.3af (PoE) standard and the 802.3at (PoE +) standard. This allows the connected equipment to be supplied with no less than 30 W of power.

These industrial PoE switches operate on both mode A and mode B and can therefore communicate with PD and PSE equipment. For example, with these switches one can easily provide a location with multiple IP pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) video cameras.

Outdoor industrial PoE switches

In addition to indoor industrial PoE switches, we also have outdoor industrial PoE switches in our range. Based on IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, this indoor / outdoor solution can provide equipment with a Wi-Fi connection. In addition to this, these devices can supply users with an ethernet connection of 1000 Mbps . In such situations, this equipment acts as an access point and supports a wireless connection of no less than 867 Mbps. With a adjustable antenna, these industrial PoE switches can also be used for long distance deployment.

Developed for railway & rugged applications

Our managed and unmanaged L2 + switches offer rugged protection with a housing of IP67 / IP54 density. These industrial switches have 8/16/24 ports with M12 connectors, PoE / non-PoE and fiber / Giga T connection options.

These switches are EN 50155/61373 / 45542-2 and E-Mark certified. This allows them to be used in any rolling stock application.

Our industrial switches are available in a managed and unmanaged version. All managed industrial railway switches have the same network configuration options as our managed industrial switches, and also realize a highly redundant network for every imaginable rolling stock application.

Always a local internet connection through an industrial converter switch

In the event that an internet connection has to be created in a production area with no internet connection, an industrial switch converter can be used. An industrial switch converter ensures that a local copper wire or fiber optic connection can be realized via a fiber optic or copper wire connection. These industrial switch converters work bidirectionally in most cases.

AbiGo4U offers various options in this area and supplies both bidirectional switch converters and fiber-to-fiber industrial switch converters. Fiber-to-fiber industrial switch converters can even convert a fiber optical connection to another local fiber optical connection.

Product advice needed?

Our ethernet switch specialists are happy to help you further. Whether you are looking for an ethernet switch solution for a rolling stock application or an ethernet converter to expand your business network. With our expertise we can put together the right network solution for you. We would like to get in touch with you to advise you further on this area.

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