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  1. 1U 19" Rackmount i3/Xeon server
    1U 19" Rackmount i3/Xeon server
    • Processor Type : Intel Core, Intel Xeon
    • Max memory : 64GB
    • Operating Temperature : 0°C/+45°C
    €1,207.58 €998.00
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Fanless Box PC
Fanless box systems are characterized by being robust and compact. We represent various suppliers and can supply a box PC for almost every environment. The choice of I/O is now largely due to the various expansion possibilities. These can be PCI / PCIe / MiniPCIe cards but also mezzanines that often belong specifically to a manufacturer. We have supplied Box PC systems that function as a gateway and therefore require little computer power, but also for vision applications with separate GPU cards and high performance Core i7 processors.

Rack Mount PC
We have years of experience when it comes to 19 "Rackmount computer technology. We supply standard and completely customer specific computer systems in various industrial markets. The Industrial PC is often based on an industrial motherboard or a passive backplane solution. The advantage of a passive backplane solution is that you can use up to 20 free PCIs, PCIe or even ISA slots. Another advantage of a passive backplane solution is that with down time the CPU card can be replaced relatively easy and quickly. All systems we offer are built with A-brand components, assembled and fully tested.

Logistics services
We offer a complete range of logistics services; keep systems or components on stock, do drop shipments, pack the goods in customer's boxes accompanied with all documents.

Product life time management
Components we use are usually available for 3 to 7 years. In order to ensure that your end product is not affected by the fact that components are no longer available, we maintain an active product life time management. Product life time management ensures that we proactively monitor whether components will go end and life and what actions can be taken for your end product.

Intel Embedded Roadmap
To serve the industry, Intel has an embedded hardware line. Within this line processors are placed that have a longer deliverability and a clear roadmap. We prefer to use this roadmap.

Microsoft Embedded Licenses
The advantage of using embedded Microsoft licenses is that they have specific functions that are needed in the industry. The operating system can be customized. Arcobel Embedded Solutions has years of experience in advising, configuring and installing this type of license.

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