Product automization

As part of the MES system, a fully IP65 waterproof panelpc system is used in the factory of one of our clients, with an RFID scanner mounted on the side. All the employees working at this factory have a batch with a unique code. With this code they  can arrange hrm related business, open doors, and also access the panelpc system.

These panelpc systems measure the efficiency of the production line. The data is then directly put into the ERP system. This allows for a streamlined process with more insight into the production. 

Key feature: Full IP65 with integrated RFID reader


Cash register system

This client delivers cash register systems to catering companies.  From the moment of taking the order with handhelds to the moment that the customer makes a payment, the entire process is arranged through systems set up by our client. Full IP65 PanelPC systems that feature a protective capacitive touchscreen are used for the MMI in the kitchens. These systems are exposed to warmth, moisture and grease. Therefore they have to be able to withstand these conditions and they need to be easy to clean. 

Key feature: A big step forward towards a commercial office solution that can be installed in the kitchens and which is still affordable