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The M-Gateway is a LoRa® gateway with an extruded aluminum IP67 housing. This makes this LoRa® M-Gateway suitable for outdoor use. This gateway can be used for enterprise and light industrial applications, which must always be connected to Internet of Things applications (IoT). The M-Gateway offers an economical solution for connecting battery-powered devices to the network. This is ideal for an environment where zero-touch high volume deployment is applied.

The LoRa® technology has been developed by the LoRa® Alliance and consists of a 2-way wireless connection that operates at a defined frequency. This technique compliments the wireless Machine 2 Machine (M2M) infrastructure. The M-Gateway has the task of forwarding the received LoRa® RF packets to an external server. In addition, the M-Gateway transmits LoRa® RF packets received from the external server. Equipped standard with 1 LoRa® transceiver and a uBlox MAX-8W GPS receiver for very accurate timekeeping. This Gateway is also standard equipped with RFI Linux (4.9.40) and the LoRa® packet forwarder 4.0.1 .. This software is installed on the supplied micro SD card. Users can easily replace this standard software with their own image.

  • Type Switch : Gateway
  • mobile network : Lora
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The features of the M-gateway compact EU outdoor

LoRa 868MHz (EU) long-range operation, up to 15 km range in line-of-sight and <2 km in built-up areas

8-channel design with SX1308 and 2x SX1257 chipset Microchip AT91SAM9G25 MPU (ARM9 @ 400Mhz)DDR2 RAM 128 MB @ 16 bit
MicroSD holder push -pull, including 16 GB micro SD

Provided with 5V DC, including power supply
10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface
1 full-speed USB host connector
Onboard GPS uBlox Max8W receiver allowing for GPS time-sync for class-B operation

Command line interface
Web interface for local and remote configuration
Works with the most common LoRaWAN Network Servers

Configure from a distance, remote software upgrades possible
The S-Gateway has a black flame retardant ABS plastic housing
Extruded aluminum enclosure with pole mounting clamps
2 year warranty
More Information
  • Ports & Interfaces
    LAN Interface1
  • Electrical specifications
    Input range48 VDC PoE
  • General data
    ManufacturerRFI Engineering
    Application Automation, IoT
    Warranty24 Months

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